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Created on Wednesday, 3rd May 2006


My name Yudha Hartanto, I was born in Kebumen, Central Java Indonesia on 20th December 1984.

I was graduated from Loyola College High School in 2003. I continued my study in Inholland University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. International Business and Mangement Studies was the major I chose.

At this moment, I am doing my Internship program in Kimberly-Clark Corporation as Commercial Business Analyst Assistant.




As citizen of Indonesia, "Indonesia" is my mother-language. English as my second language is the most important way of communication in International Environtment. Choosing International Business and Management Studies means I will negotiate, work, and communicate in English with International people, many different background, and way of thinking. As I live in the Netherlands, I have to learn and understand the local language "Dutch", as my third language.

Eventhough my major is International Business, I have my own interest in a computer software and hardware. Learning a new computer technology and program gives advantages for me in the future bsiness environment. I am an expert in Microsoft Office (MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Access, and MS Word). Information Technology's project gave me an opportunity to develop my abilities in databases software. MS Access, PHP 5.1.3, and MySQL 5.0 are the programs I can operate and use to create a database. Furthermore, Adobe Photoshop CS2 is one of my favourite software for editing and creating an image. Last but not least, Adobe Studio 8 (Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, Flash 8, and Cold Fusion 8) is helping me to make my first website portal go online.



During my study in Inholland University, I experienced a lot of different projects in different business sectors and not few of them I became the Project Manager. This opportunity gave me a lot of benefit from understanding the business sector, until developing simulation business.

My first company oriented project was Financial Market Reserach of L'Oreal and Air France - KLM. I visited Euronext in Amsterdam to learn and understand how the things are working in financial market. My Team and I conducted this project for six months period, and the result was outstanding. I am as a Project Manager was really proud, because all of our effort we put into this were paid with the best grade.

International People Management Research. In this sector, we worked together with KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines. In this session, we learned how international company manage their people and we tried to find a better way to manage these people.

Marketing Research of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream for the Netherlands market. I was the Project Manager in this project. It was really fun and hard, because we had to conduct our own research through questionaire and internet research as secondary data. The result was good, the most important things is all of the team were learning a new things. It is the objective of team-work.

Last but not least, building a simulation International Company, from their Financial Calculation, Investment period, Management, and a Databases system was really challenging for me. Again, I was the Project Manager in this area. We worked so hard, we tried our best and helped each other with our abilities and skills. The result was wonderful.

All of the result can be downloaded from Edu @ccess link.



As you can read in my business experience, I became a Project Manager in almost every project with International background, different way of thinking, different culture, and different abilities. The result of the project I lead was outstanding and excellent.

Treasury Division in every agenda and program during my high school, such as Cultural Program, Voluntary Contribution Organization for Poor People, and Education Olympiad.

Becoming a class representatives is not a new things for me. I already experienced it for three election during my high school and university.

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